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Since growing up in a musical family from Liverpool, I have been in and out of the music scene from a young age. First appearing on my dad's song 'Man who found god on the moon' as a toddler ;) My main influences are music from the 80’s, alternative rock, and trip hop. I have worked with talented artists such as Lee Harris (Shapeshifting album backing vocals), Danny Stubbs ('We're all crazy') and Steve Parker ('Black wine'). 


I have been part of many collaborations and bands throughout my life, including a band called Hula in Oxford, where we made an album in Radiohead's studio and played the Orange Club and the Hard Rock Cafe in London.


I waited until much later in life to release my first solo track ‘Calling to the World’. It felt like the lyrics for this song were channelled through me during lockdown and I put it together using GarageBand, which I had never used before. I hope this inspires others to make their own music and put it out there, even if they are as clueless as me!


On 8th December 2023, in collaboration with the extremely gifted music producer Max Mezzowave, I unleashed the song 'Lifeblood', which has a captivating dance vibe and will be released alongside a more ambient and a meditation version (see all links below).


The main message in my music (and other creative outlets) is that we can go through great hardships in life, but through various supportive and creative methods, can come out the other side in one piece! I am a great fan of Dr Joe Dispenza and have found his meditative work to be hugely powerful and life changing. 

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