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Responsibility Agreement

The healing modalities that you may engage with when working with Benna McCartney can be powerful. Therefore, it is to be expected that various situations can arise from working with these modalities. New insights can materialise and certain problems, either physical or emotional may be alleviated. Mystical experiences can occur, as well as life changing realisations. But sometimes, suppressed emotions or physical tensions may be pushed to the surface to be released or resolved and this process may create various emotional or physical symptoms. Healing is a process that is intended to create changes in one’s life and those changes can manifest physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is all part of the healing process.


I agree that I have read and understood the above paragraph and agree that Benna McCartney is not responsible for any individual symptoms that may arise as a result of working with these healing modalities in, or outside, the context of a session. I agree to take personal responsibility for whatever physical or emotional symptoms may arise as part of the healing process, as well as to take responsibility for seeking medical treatment if I perceive it is necessary. 


I understand that Benna McCartney is neither a medical professional nor a psychotherapist, and that she is practising neither medicine nor psychotherapy. Although Benna McCartney may comment on what may arise in a session, it is understood that these comments are not intended as advice for any course of action, for any medical or mental health issues that I may have. I understand and agree that the sessions given do not take the place of medical treatment or evaluations and that these sessions are not intended to treat any health condition or disease that I may have.


I understand that any payments for sessions are not for any specific results, but for the time taken to conduct and facilitate the session and for the information and advice provided. 


I agree to pay for any sessions in advance and that I am liable for full payment of any scheduled appointments, unless I reschedule or cancel it via email to, at least 48 hours before the scheduled appointment time.

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